Inga Liljeström

Intimate show with Arne Brun at Scala Theatre, Nykarleby, Finland

Had a wonderful show at Scala theatre in Nykarleby on the 23rd September, as part of the Nykarleby Recall exhibition- ‘Coming Back’. I had the pleasure of being accompanied by Arne Brun, a wonderful guitarist and musician, who only a month before our show was given a double bass- we performed two songs just double bass and voice, and he played incredibly well! i decorated the stage with leaves, branches, apples (apples everywhere in this season…everyone giving them away, buckets of them!) and candles…the old 1940s theatre (perhaps older?) has a beautiful haunting air about it. One of my favourite shows ever!

p.s. My father and his ancestors are from Finland and my father was born in Nykarleby, so it’s one of those special places for me.

Nykarleby, Finland.

Nykarleby, Finland.

scala 4scala 2


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