Inga Liljeström

What I’ve been up to….

a few shows, one lovely mention being Nevers, France in a beautiful theatre…i’ll attach a photo..

Sound healing teaching which i really love…the people, the sounds, the depth of healing ourselves…

a PhD in music, interviewing composers and songwriters. I’m so loving these conversations about creativity…more about this when the time is right. A few years off finishing but I’m loving the process…

and slowly getting back into song writing, as life has been busy, but i still have a deep yearning to sing and compose…i’m not sure that will ever change.

Sending big smiles and love to everyone. Inga xx

A few photos from Nevers, France79541588_10158114411157189_883782885151080448_n79308013_10158108701597189_5289428215603920896_n

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