Concert Series Australia  – Imogen Liljestrom

13924898_10154560073957189_991354958884763466_ninga 2inga 1inga solo 1inga solo 6inga solo 8inga solo 4inga solo 3inga solo 2


London solo



Australia duo with Matt Tonks



Australia venue 505 with Band by Imogen Liljestrom


Nykarleby, Finland duo with Arne Brun

scala 2scala 4scala3


Nykarleby, Finland.



Tour Australia  – Photos by Corrie Ancone



Underwater series of photos- Paola Talbert

Inga 2inga 3inga 4inga 1


Photos by Helen Deane 

dark 2IMG_0178bird cage 1bird cage 2birdcage 3


Photos by Tanya Stadelmann

l-1l-2Cameron Undy ans Inga duo205500_5508175543_273_nVeronique SerretingaIngaflamenco


Photos by Sarah Delaney 



inga 2

inga 4



Photos by Zdenko Hanout

guilluame magnetheo girardinga liljestrom inga liljestrom red phoneinga liljestrom.jean-philippe feissguillaume magne.

Photos by Lucas Morgan

sebGuillaume and Inga by LucasInga by LucasGuillaume by LucasInga © Stuart MudieGuillaume Magne © Stuart MudieInga © Stuart MudieMelissa Cox © Stuart MudieGuilluame Magne and Inga © Stuart MudieJulien Ome © Stuart MudieJulien Ome © Stuart Mudie


jeremy, ingaclemence, melissainga praymelissaguillaume blueinga bluejeremyinga, guillaumeinga 2guillaume, inga, telephoneinga redinga phoneguilluame ingainga, jeremy


Paris – Photos by Stephane Delorme

IngaL01IngaL18 copyIngaL15e_IngaL16_aInga cover final resize-1

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