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WE HAVE TIGERS – Inga Liljestrom and Michael Lira

BUY HERE – https://ingaliljestrom.bandcamp.com/album/we-have-tigers-inga-liljestrom-and-michael-lira

1. Woman Of Constant Sorrow (traditional)
2. Leaves (Inga Liljestrom)
3. In The Pines (traditional)
4. Finally We Rest (Inga Liljestrom and Michael Lira)
5. Bloodstain Reprise (Inga Liljestrom, Robert Scott, Mike Wells)
6. Coo- Coo (Traditional)
7. Bury Me Beneath The Willow (Traditional)
8. When I Was A Young Girl (Traditional)
9. Horses (Inga Liljestrom)
10. Ash’n’Smoke (Inga Liljestrom, Fran Cole)
11. Tea To Boil (Inga Liljestrom)
12. Girl Of Fire (Inga Liljestrom)

All instruments performed and arranged by Michael Lira. Vocals and nylon string guitar by Inga Liljestrom. Recorded in Michael and Inga’s home studios in Australia and France. Mixed by Michael Lira. Mastered by Bob Scott. Banjo on track 11 by David Weir. Violin on track 12 by Veronique Serret and recorded by John Kelly. Additional backing vocals on track 12 by Stu Hunter. Collage art by Inga Liljestrom. Layout by Alex Crowfoot. Released by Accord Croises, France. 


Inga cover final


BUY HERE- https://ingaliljestrom.bandcamp.com/album/two-dangers

1. Katie Cruel (traditional)
2. Wishing Bone Hands (Inga Liljestrom)
3. Bloodstain (Bob Scott, Inga Liljestrom, Mike Wells)
4. Leaves (Inga Liljestrom)
5. Wooden Leg (Inga Liljestrom)
6. Bird (Inga Liljestrom)
7. Two Dangers (Inga Liljestrom
8. Take Hold of my Heart (mikel Simic)
9. Some Say (Melanie Safka)
10. Crestfallen (Inga Liljestrom)
11. Warfaring Ways (Inga Liljestrom)
12. Black is the Colour (Traditional)
13. Trouble (Cat Stevens)

1, 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13 Recorded live and mixed by John Kelly in various lounge rooms in Australia. Guitars- Len Marks, Rens Van der Zalm. Track 5 strings arranged and played by Veronique Serret. Improvised cello by Liberty Kerr. Trumpets by Sloth (Adam Burrell). Track 7 strings and musical saw by Michael Bridges. Track 7 and 10 double bass by Lloyd Swanton. 2, 6, 11 Recorded and mixed in a school in France by Olivier Gascoin with Melissa Cox on violin, Jean-Philippe Feiss on cello, Guillaume Magne on guitar, Julien Ome on guitar and banjo, 3 Recorded and mixed in a lounge room in Paris by Jonathan Reig. 4 recorded in lounge rooms by Inga Liljestrom and Michael Lira. Track 8 written and performed by Michelangelo, with clarinets by Michael Lira. Track 10 Stu Hunter on piano. Mastered by Bob Scott and Jonathan Reig.
Released Through Groovescooter Records in Australia and Dessous de Scene in France. 



Buy here- https://ingaliljestrom.bandcamp.com/album/songs-of-sorrow-for-the-hollow-of-his-heart

1. Katie Cruel (traditional)
2. Bird (Inga Liljestrom)
3. Wooden Leg (Inga Liljestrom)
4. Early Morning Hours (Inga Liljestrom)
5. Two Dangers (Inga Liljestrom)
6. Some Say I Got Devil (Melanie Safka)
7. Warfaring Ways (Inga Liljestrom
8. Black Is The Colour (Traditional)
9. Trouble (Cat Stevens)
10. Thistle- Squeezebox version (Inga Liljestrom)
11. Silver Dagger (Traditional)
12. Ash n Smoke (Inga Liljestrom/ Fran Cole)
13. Somebody Loves Me . 14. Wildest Horse (Inga Liljestrom)  15.Bird- version 2.

This album was previously only available at live shows. Recorded live in various lounge rooms in Australia by John Kelly. Tracks 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9 are featured subsequently in the album Two Dangers.


Inga Liljestrom Black Crow Jane


BUY HERE – https://ingaliljestrom.bandcamp.com/album/black-crow-jane

1. The Rain and the Sea (Inga liljestrom, Guillaume Magne)
2. Dogs and Wolves (Inga Liljestrom, Jean-Philippe Feiss)
3. Bittersweet (Inga Liljestrom)
4. Drowning Song (Inga Liljestrom)
5. Mascara Black (Inga Liljestrom)
6. His Thieving Ways (Inga Liljestrom)
7. Wishing Bone Hands (Inga Liljestrom)
8. Bloodstain (Inga liljestrom, Bob Scott)
9. Lovers Gun (Inga Liljestrom, Guillaume Magne)
10. Rama (Inga Liljestrom, Tiam Kasari)
11. Wildest Horse (Inga Liljestrom)

Recorded live by Olivier Gascoin in Fleury la Foret, Normandie, France. Mixed by Olivier Gascoin, assisted by Guillaume Magne.Mastered at Cuttingroom Studios by Mats Limpan Lindfors in Sweden. Guitar- Guillaume Magne. Double bass- Theo Girard. Drums- Seb Brun. Cello- Jean-Philippe Feiss.
Released through Emergence music in Europe, and Groovescooter records in Australia. 




BUY HERE- https://ingaliljestrom.bandcamp.com/album/quiet-music-for-quiet-people

1. Slowly surfacing
2. Everything Feels Real 
3. Fall 
4. Red Afternoon 
5. Strange Days
6. Lost Highway
7. Sleep Longer 
8. A Place Near The Mouth
9. Lumen 

Improvised project.

Inga Liljeström – vocals, lyrics; Heather Stratfield – cello; Bob Scott – laptop, samples;
Michael Lira – double bass, piano, glockenspiel; Johnny Carr – lap steel guitar; Alon Ilsar – drums, incidental sounds
Recorded and mixed by Andy Hills over two nights in August, Surry Hills Sydney. Mastered by Bob Scott.



BUY HERE- https://ingaliljestrom.bandcamp.com/album/sprawling-fawns-remix-album

1. High Flying Birds (Inga liljestrom, Bob Scott)
2. You Shine – Diode remix by Bob Scott Remix (Inga Liljestrom)
3. Lira – Diamond Cut Remix by Lake Lustre (Inga Liljestrom)
4. 29 Poisons- Kevin Purdy Remix (Inga Liljestrom )
5. Some Velvet Morning- Inga Liljestrom and Peter Fenton (Lee Hazelwood)
6. Wild Is The Wind – with Heidi Elva (Dimitri Tiomkin and Ned Washington)
7. Awkward Like A Boy (Inga Liljestrom)
8. All Of This- Jacob Cook Remix (Inga liljestrom)
9. Stolen – Saddleback Goes To The Mountain Remix (Inga Liljestrom)
10. Deer – State I’m In remix by Ben Frost (Inga Liljestrom)
11. Lira – Pimmon remix(Inga Liljestrom)

New tracks include a duet cover of Lee Hazlewood’s ‘Some Velvet Morning’ with Peter Fenton (Crow), plus the sublime ‘High Flying Birds’ and ‘U-Shine’ with producer Bob Scott. Remixes come care of Lake Lustre, Kevin Purdy (Tooth), Saddleback (Tony Dupe), Pimmon, Frost (Ben Frost) and Jacob Cook.


Inga Liljestrom ELK


BUY HERE- https://ingaliljestrom.bandcamp.com/album/elk

1. Film Noir (Inga liljestrom)
2. Phoenix (Inga Liljestrom, Haydn Walker)
3. Lira (Inga Liljestrom)
4. Knotted (Inga Liljestrom, Michael Lira )
5. All of This (Inga Liljestrom)
6. Glow (Inga Liljestrom)
7. Diamond Horseshoe (Inga Liljestrom)
8. Deer (Inga liljestrom)
9. 29 Poisons (Inga Liljestrom)
10. Stardust (Inga Liljestrom, Michael Lira)
11. Bullet (Inga Liljestrom)
12. Stolen (Inga Liljestrom)

Violin- Veronique Serret. Voila- Natasha Rumiz. Cello- Anthea Scott Mitchell. Double bass- Michael Lira, Cameron Undy, Lloyd Swanton. Guitar- Haydn Walker, Michael Lira, Tim Rollinson, Inga Liljestrom. Drum programming- Brokn. Additional drum programming on Phoenix by Bob Scott. Strings arranged by Haydn Walker and Inga Liljestrom. All songs written by Inga liljestrom except 2 by Inga and Haydn Walker. 4 and 10 by Inga and Michael Lira.

Recorded by Liberty Kerr.
Mixed by Liberty Kerr.
Produced by Liberty Kerr and Inga Liljestrom.
Mastered by William Bowden.
This project was assisted by the Commonwealth Government, through the Australia Council, its funding and advisory body. 


  1. Derek Hulme

    I heard “Abide With Me” in the final episode of “The Kettering Incident”. It said in the credits that you Inga were the singer, Is this track available for purchase anywhere?.

  2. Erin Haley

    I had the same question as the gentleman above. I would love to be able to purchase your recording of “Abide with Me.” It was so hauntingly beautiful.

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