film clips


Film clip to Horses – Directed, shot and edited by Lauren Orrell
Starring Inga Liljestrom, Floyd, Pearl and Polly Besser-Duncan, Dan Eady, Kailey Wiggens, Alyssan Russell, and Lauren Orrell. Lauren masterfully put this beautiful clip together, filmed in one afternoon in the Blue Mountains. Memorable with all the beautiful children and gorgeous Lauren!

Film clip to Film Noir by Jacob Simkin. Composed by Inga Liljestrom. Shot in various locations around Melbourne. Jacob wrote and directed the whole clip, which was an unusual way for me to work, as usually the clips were improvised but with an idea of what could happen in the editing process. For me, i always have a laugh at this clip as i am not a driver, i only ride a bicycle…i don’t think i would look this relaxed.

Film clip ‘Phoenix’ by Andrew Wholley. Composed by Inga Liljestrom and Haydn Walker. Shot in Andrew’s house in Marrickville, Sydney, and in a Newtown park. This was the very first clip that was made for the album Elk. It was such a magic time and everything just fell into place. On the way to the shoot, i found an old wooden window in some rubbish, thought it beautiful and took it along, and it ended up playing a major role in the clip. My lovely friends Gavin and Dean make an appearance too.

Film clip to Bullet by Scope Red. Composed by Inga Liljestrom. A loose concept was discussed with Matthew Chuang. We talked about the Hitchcock film Rearview Window, On the day we relied on intuition and instinct.  Kerri, Ashlie and Megan are the beautiful women.

Film clip ‘All of This’ by Andrew Wholley. Composed by Inga Liljestrom. Andrew had the idea of a clip in slow motion, a single take. One of my favourites.

Film clip to Stardust by David Davidson and Paul Andrew, two of my favourite people in the world. Composed by Inga liljestrom and Michael Lira. Very fun to make this one, especially on the circus swing, with leaf blowers in front and behind me to give the impression of swinging…i love the outcome…beautiful post production by David Davidson.

Film clip to Stolen by Tanya Andrea Stadelmann shot in the Blue Mountains in spring. Composed by Inga Liljestrom. Tanya and i would often retreat to the mountains to restore our batteries. I remember lying on a road together one new years eve, watching the incredible night sky and falling stars- our version of fireworks.

Film clip to 29 Poisons by Owen Elliott, shot in Megalong Valley in the Blue Mountains. Assisted by Tanya Andrea Stadelmann. Composed by Inga Liljestrom. We went for a drive through the amazing valley, found amazing locations, old train tracks, abandoned houses, old barns, and of cliffs. We used natural light and car lights at night. Another magical experience.

A little live excerpt of a new song called Warfaring Ways shot at 505 in Sydney, Australia, by my sister, Imogen Liljestrom. Composed by Inga Liljestrom.

A remix to Gotye’s song Coming Back from his album Mixed Blood.  Composed by Gotye. I did this remix with Michael Lira, a long time friend and collaborator. I recorded the song guitar and voice in one take, then Mikey added the instruments…all finished in a few hours.

HIGH FLYING BIRDS – a clip filmed and edited by Daniel Kojta, shot in the Blue Mountains, Australia. This was very memorable – Daniel shooting with his camera, chasing me in his wheel chair, on highways in tunnels with huge trucks going by…highly illegal no doubt, but that is Daniel’s work- always on the fine line of dangerous.


SOME LIVE SONGS – acoustic versions


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