reviews- Inga Liljestrom’s urchin

Please note- Urchin was my very first solo album, and was an experiment of strings and beats, strange vocals and experimentation with sound scapes. I taught myself to program music during this time, and was working on an old TS -10 ensoniq with very dinky sounds! It was not released commercially, but a revised edition of it may found via my Australian labels website

So here are the reviews-

“I love this CD, and it was even made right here in Australia. If you’re looking for a comparison, think Bristol meets Bjork, but this music really does stand out as stylistically unique. It is a CD that’s full of surprises. At one point the music cuts out abruptly and then re-starts in a different key. I thought ‘wow- nice! Was that meant to happen, or is my CD player fucked?’ And I just love what she did with the last track!(not telling you…its another surprise). But its representative of the whole CD. Urchin is a fucked up, extremely original and dazzling piece of music that outshines the latest offerings from Bristol.” (Pete Rivett- Carnac from Single Gun Theory)

“its moody, sometimes swoonish, trance music with echoes of Bjork, Dead Can Dance, Golden Palominos, and Marianne Faithfull’s Kurt Weill phase…” (Lesley Sly, Panorama Ansett magazine)

“As Inga Liljestrom’s ethereal voice rasps from the stereo, you know this journey will be something special. One part fragile and tortured, Urchin is an effortless wave of textures creating a strange and uncomfortable state. It has a vision heady and undefinable. The depth and beauty of Inga’s emotions resonates in each track, and you’re squirming in your seat.”(Christine Butler – Mixdown Magazine)

“One of the most enjoyable records I have bought in a long time.”(Tim Whitten- producer of Powderfinger, The Clouds)

“Organic masterpiece.” (Damien and Dave- Wicked Beat Sound System)

“Inga Liljestrom toys with her vocal approach in the same sort of way someone like Bjork does, yet with a texture of a classic jazz vocalist”(Michael Smith, Drum Media)

“…Inga Liljestrom, whose lilting voice is both as playful as Bjork’s and bewitching as Nico’s…seems not of this world.” (Luke McIl Vern, The Daily Telegraph)

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