Inga Liljeström

We Have Tigers Available Now!

We Have Tigers, the new album by Inga Liljestrom and Michael Lira is now available for digital download on  iTunes, CD Baby, Deezer, Kwezz, Amazon etc…

If you’d like a limited edition album, i still have some available! write to me at and i’ll give you the details.

Will be posting reviews soon!


  1. Simon Winchester

    Hi, heard you on RN Music Show. Im just starting to learn the banjo and most certainly do not like the majority of hillbilly music written for it. So your song was a great ”hear”! Are you producing a CD of We have Tigers?

    • Hi Simon! sorry i only just saw your message. Yes, we have a CD that was released in late 2015. You can order it by writing directly to me or on bandcamp. Good luck with the banjo! it’s not easy – but i love a good banjo player! x

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