Inga Liljeström

songs of sorrow (for the hollow of his heart)

Inga Liljestrom’s new album ‘ songs of sorrow (for the hollow of his heart)’ should be out early next year. It has been postponed due to the many changes happening in the music industry and trying to find my/ our feet, how to do it, who to distribute it etc. Fingers crossed it all happens smoothly! Groovescooter records and Inga made a limited edition for an Australian show…there are still a few available if you want one! (contact But there will be some additional songs and new artwork with the release early next year! Stay tuned!

“The album has a more folk/ country feel. In my mind it still has a sense of cinema and place to it. I found an old picture of a beautiful young woman, emotionally distraught, sitting on her bed, naked, her hair tangled, smoking a cigarette…the old wall paper peeling, the rusty old wire bed and small framed religious picture on the wall. She was my muse…”

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